Send the gift of art! This package has everything your little one needs to make a masterpiece! Set out your tablecloth, dump your mason jar of canvas decor and fill with water. Then paint with your watercolors, followed by the paint tubs. The tub paint will allow you to add your glitter, buttons, and bedazzled jewels. Let it dry, and voila! You’ll have a piece of art ready for display.


1 canvas
1 washable watercolor paint kit
2 washable paint tubs
3 assorted glitter tubes
3 wooden paint brushes
1 table cloth
Mason Jar filled with canvas bedazzles
Wikki Stix prize
3 helium filled latex balloons


Every Art kit ALSO comes with a goody bag of prizes including: Large Melissa and Doug Make a Meal Sticker book, Scratch art book, Travel Make a Face sticker book, Gemstone bag, Wikki Stix, Animal mask


Delivery included

Make a masterpiece! Canvas Paint Kit


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