What is your sick policy?

Please take every precaution before visiting The Busy Bee and we will do the same!

- Please utilize our hand sanitizer at the entrance/exit of the playground.

- If you or the child you're with appear sick, we will ask you to come back when you are feeling better. Please do not bring your child to The Bee if he/she has had a fever within the last 48 hours or has any communicable diseases.

-Please give staff any toys that have been put in mouths for us to disinfect immediately.

-We will wipe and disinfect every single toy throughout the day and employ a cleaning crew to deep clean the entire space from top to bottom multiple times a week.


We aim to keep The Busy Bee safe and clean for all children in the community and appreciate your cooperation!


Do adults have to wear socks?

Yes, in order to keep our playground floor clean enough for little hands to crawl on, socks are a must for all guests. You are welcome to wear your own, or purchase a pair from our shop for $2.


Is this a drop off?

No, a caretaker must stay with their child at all times. You are responsible for your child.

Where can I park?

There is metered parking lining Millburn Avenue in front of The Busy Bee and a free parking lot in the rear of our building. However, this does mean you will have to walk around to the front of the building to enter. Please turn in slowly from Millburn Avenue.

Can I have a small birthday gathering in your snack room during business hours?

Small birthday gatherings that use our snack room are prohibited. We totally understand wanting to make your child's day special, but birthday parties are a big thing that help keep The Bee afloat. One thing we recommend is having a play date at The Bee and then taking the group down the street for food and dessert at one of Millburn's amazing kid-friendly dining options!

Can I bring my own snacks? Where can I eat them?

Yes! You are welcome to bring your own snacks, bagged lunches, and drinks anytime. All food must stay off the playground floor and can be enjoyed in our class/snack room in the rear of The Bee. However, when classes are in session, you may eat them in the front reception area. For those who forgot to pack a snack, we do sell a small variety at the The Busy Bee Boutique. Also, please be considerate of children with peanut allergies when packing for your visit.


Do you have a high chair?

Yes, we have three!

Do you have a Lost and Found?

Yes! Please ask the front desk to help you look for your lost item, but please remember that we cannot hold onto items for more than a month. Contact us as soon as you notice that you're missing an item so we can label it and keep it safe for you.

Birthday Parties:

1. All outside decor must be approved and dropped during the week leading up to event.

2. Socks are required for all guests on the playground floor.

3. Upgraded parties require 3 weeks notice. We will try to accommodate you whenever possible!

When can I show up for my party?

We are VERY busy bees before a birthday party - birthday families may arrive to The Busy Bee 10 minutes prior to their party. 


How many helpers will I have at my birthday party?

Depending on your party add-ons, for the basic private package, 2-3 helpers will be onsite to coordinate and assist in all aspects of your party. For the upgraded party, there may be 1 additional helper.


Is the birthday child included in the birthday headcount?

Nope! At The Busy Bee, the birthday child is always free :)

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